Jordan’s first dental exam.

Today Jordan was super brave as he say in the big scary dental chair for the first time ever! Once he was in the chair he was so calm! He looked at the instruments and said, “those don’t look scary” after I had mentioned they might, but won’t hurt. He was so brave, more so than I.

It reminds me of the last time we went to the Dr for a check up & they decided to run some blood tests to see if there was anything wacky going on that could be contributing to his behavior. I was terrified that he would pass out having to give blood, but instead he say on my lap and watched the whole time saying, “cool!!!”. I couldn’t even look.

Kids are tough. Sometimes tougher than us.

Just don’t let them know that. 🙂

Needless to say it was a great appointment and he didn’t have a single cavity! *go mom!* hey, I should get some praise for instilling the teeth brushing every morning and night, right? 🙂

Here’s to keeping kids healthy!



About lovelylizagna

My name is Liz. Not Elizabeth. Not Beth. Not Izzie, Elsa or Betsey. I'm Liz, plain and simple. I have a deep passion for photography and music. I come from a family of musicians, so music is a must in my life. I've been playing the piano for 21 years and I have been singing my entire life. I've recently become passionate about photography and have realized that I'm actually pretty good at it. I have the eye for thing's unseen. I want to make those things viewable, the things I see that most people don't. Other things I like are: my kids, tattoos, reading (a lot!!!) and research. I know, I'm a nerd. But what can I say? At least I'm smart. :)
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