Team Groesbeck: Post Flu.

Last weekend my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary- with the flu. It started with Jordan on Wednesday night and lasted through the weekend. He went to my mom’s on Friday night because we were going to spend our weekend alone out at the ocean or something along those lines. (We had no set plans, thank goodness.) Friday evening we went to Cattleman’s to indulge in a delicious feast away from our strict diet. It was delicious! They even had a small bottle of champagne sitting at the table for us and a quiet booth in the back of the restaurant with dim lighting. It was actually quite nice!

Saturday morning we woke up and were going to head out to the coast for the day and end the night with dinner at The Tides in Bodega, but as the morning dragged on, I started to feel worse. By noon I was vomiting and the baby was too. Poor Todd had to take care of both of us because I was useless. For the rest of the day I lay in misery, not able to keep anything down. I was so disappointed about our anniversary being ruined, but grateful that we hadn’t finalized any plans in the first place. I called my mom to have her bring Jordan home since we decided to just stay in for the weekend, but she wanted Jordan to stay anyway.

Sunday, our anniversary, I finally stopped throwing up, but the baby didn’t, and Todd started. So while I was still recovering, I became the one to take care of everyone and let me tell you, this was no easy task. Taking care of a sick family while you yourself are sick is very very difficult.

So as far as our anniversary went, we didn’t spend much time together other than laying around watching Netflix and cleaning up after the baby’s diaper accidents and projectile vomit.

The good news is this: we get to plan a whole new weekend getaway and won’t have to worry about people being sick *cross fingers*.

Tuesday Jordan went back to school, and tomorrow (friday) he has no school for a teacher work day. Lucky boy got a 3 day week! Today was picture day and I’m really excited to see how the pictures will turn out. The school used a new company this year and instead of cheesy backgrounds they actually took the pictures outside by the flowers so the background will be gorgeous!

The baby finally ate today and I’m hoping he will go back to his recent routine (before being sick) of sleeping through the night. Here’s hoping I’ll get some much needed rest tonight!

Tomorrow my sister comes home for the weekend for my niece, Macy,’s birthday on Saturday. Also, Jordan got invited to the love of his life’s bday the same day, so were hoping to go to both! Party hopping!!! Woot woot!

Well, this has been a really long post and I’m now exhausted after reading “Charlotte’s Web” with Jordan. We’ve been averaging about 1-2 books per week. We read about an hour each night and after we finish “Charlotte’s Web” we are going to start on “The Chronicle’s of Narnia” series, which I have the complete set in one book. I have never read the books all the way through and I’m so excited that Jordan loves to read like I do and I can’t wait to start this new series with him! I love reading to him and I’m finally getting to read the classics that I never read when I was younger and spending quality time with my lil (big) man.

Ok, well I guess this is all for today. Life in the Groesbeck home has been a crazy mess this week! Tomorrow calls for some cleaning and organizing that got left undone while we were all sick. Time to get back to the daily grind and get this house in order!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and don’t forget to set your clocks forward on Saturday night!



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One Response to Team Groesbeck: Post Flu.

  1. Tawny says:

    Love these!!! Hope you guys are feeling better!!

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