Diet, Exercise, and HELL!

Today marked the beginning of a new life for me and my husband. We are taking on the world  one day at a time with a strict diet, a regular workout routine, and a desire to lose the weight we’ve gained over the last two years.

Of course, along with diet and exercise comes- HUNGER!!!! Can I just tell you how HUNGRY I was today? I ate more food in one day than I used to eat in a week, but I was still so hungry I felt faint and weak, like I could have passed out at any minute. Our routine consists of a very, very strict diet, as mentioned before, that allows little room for any compromise. So if I feel like I’m going to faint, I probably will. (Or, i’ll just eat a banana.)

Also, there were blisters involved in the walk we took around the lake. My feet are now sore, blistered, and sad. But hey, in about 6 weeks I may notice a change in my figure, right? :/ No pain, no gain. Literally.

Here’s hoping we can keep up the great work and shed the poundage that came with a new baby and a new marriage.

Speaking of marriage… our 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up! Sheesh, that went by fast!

Here’s to all you people out there that are changing your lives for the better! 🙂


About lovelylizagna

My name is Liz. Not Elizabeth. Not Beth. Not Izzie, Elsa or Betsey. I'm Liz, plain and simple. I have a deep passion for photography and music. I come from a family of musicians, so music is a must in my life. I've been playing the piano for 21 years and I have been singing my entire life. I've recently become passionate about photography and have realized that I'm actually pretty good at it. I have the eye for thing's unseen. I want to make those things viewable, the things I see that most people don't. Other things I like are: my kids, tattoos, reading (a lot!!!) and research. I know, I'm a nerd. But what can I say? At least I'm smart. :)
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