Mommy meltdown?

Todd has worked…. I don’t really know the exact #…. But it’s been a LOT of days in a row. My only saving grace is when he comes home at night to help with some of the responsibilities. Ive noticed myself growing more and more withdrawn and in a funk. I think it’s because he’s leaving tomorrow for a week…. Which leaves me completely alone with 3.5 kids, school pick-up/drop-offs, groceries, dinners, lunches, breakfast, cleaning, cooking, housework…. And dealing with my health problems on top of it all. I know I’ll be fine and I know I can handle it. Thats not the point. The point is…. The point is that with my health problems and my responsibilities and the fact that I haven’t slept in like 2 months…. I feel like I’m headed for a breakdown.

My favorite lyrics for a song that fits my mood right now are from a Paramore song. It goes:

“and the best part is,
Before it gets
Any better were
Headed for a cliff
And in the free fall I
Will realize
That I’m better off
When I hit the bottom”

I’m coming up on that cliff people. Getting ready to hang on tight for a crazy ass ride.

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Postpartum update

Its been a long time since i have written… I guess I should start with the fact that Callie was born on July 11th, 2012 at 1:17 pm. Her full name is Callie Marie Groesbeck and she’s beautiful. Wanna see?


Anyway, my main reason for posting tonight is this…

i just want to state for the record that Wednesday will mark 6 weeks postpartum for me- the amount of time required to physically heal from a cesarean- yet I’ve managed to: go to a concert, get tattoos, go to a wedding, back to school shop 3 days in a row, and spend 2 days dying my hair. I’ve been up every day chasing kids, changing diapers, dressing, cooking, feeding, cleaning, and all the other things a housewife does. I’ve had my daughter with me for the last week which adds to the amount of responsibility, but definitely doesn’t make it a burden. I’ve come this far in just 5 1/2 weeks.

With Steven my recovery was horrible. I was still in bed, lethargic, and had a horrible infection from my incision at this point. It took me 3 full months to get out of bed. Even then I STILL was in pain and had a hard time recouping. I lost touch with all my friends, didn’t want to leave my house, and eventually just stopped doing anything all together.

Now that I have my life back, I feel really good about myself. I’ve literally changed and pushed through so much pain and emotional suffering to better my life for myself and my family.

Depression played a big role in my last recovery- and I still battle it daily- but now IM in control of it, not vice versa.

So now that you’ve read this, if you still have any negative thoughts about me, think I’m not doing enough or just want to hate, know that at least I have the balls to share with the world what’s going on with me. Who knows, maybe I can help someone? And if- for gods sake- at the end of the day, after all I’ve done for my family my dishes still aren’t done and u want to complain, then that, my friend, is when I’ll ask you to go fuck yourself.

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Crock Pot Challenge

I love my crock pot. Ever since i started using it I have been searching for new and exciting easy dishes to prepare for my family. Now it’s your turn!!

I want to challenge all my crock pot enthusiasts out there to try a new crock pot recipe and come back, either here or to my facebook page , and share the recipe along with a little blurb about how you enjoyed it or what you would change next time.

Submit your entries before Sunday, January 22, 2012 so that I can start posting the blog the following Monday.

That gives you a week to research a recipe, find the one you want to try, prepare and serve to your family &/or friends!!!

Be brave, try something new! I urge you all to share in the fun of trying and trading crock pot recipes!!! The important thing is to have fun and just think of this as another way to share great recipes with people who care and want to learn to be better chefs!!!

Good luck and I will see you back here on Monday, January 23.


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Ok. So I used to hate the band Coldplay back when they were writing songs like “Yellow” & “clocks”… But once upon a time the album “Viva la Vida or Death & All His Friends” came out and instantly I was addicted. It was like God had planted this musical seed in my body and for my entire life I had been searching for the perfect fertilizer to fuel that seed and make it blossom…. Ok this is a terrible analogy but you get the idea.

Coldplay is my fertilizer.

When they toured the US 3 years ago to promote said album, I was bummed beyond words that I wouldn’t be able to experience this life changing, soul clenching musical phenomena for myself in person. Every day since then I kicked myself for not even trying to see them live.

My chance at redemption has arrived. With their recent release of “Mylo Xyloto”, which also seems to be extremely soul clenching, they have announced their US tour dates.

Let me be blunt when I say this: if I can’t get tickets to see Coldplay Live I will either a) die, or b) kill someone else.

I need to be at the HP Pavillion in San Jo on 4/17/12. Period.

Now- floor seats are $110 a pop + fees. Cheap tickets are $40 something…

I’m going to be there. One way or another ill be there.

Here’s a lil ear candy for you to crunch on while you peruse other blogs:
Coldplay Live

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Book Club

I’ve officially joined a book club! I have been wanting to be in a book club my entire adult life and could never find anyone serious enough about it to do it. But amongst my trip to Safari West with Jordan’s class, I met another parent that was involved in one and she said I could join! The first meeting happened to be that night, but since they had just finished a book that I had wanted to read but never got a chance to, I decided to skip this meeting and go to the meeting next month to discuss this months book.

This month we will be reading “The Glass Castle: A memoir” by Jeannette Walls. Normally I don’t think this would be a book I’d read on my own terms, so I’m delighted that I’ll be introduced to new books that I may have passed by in the future.

It’s a great day for a great book! Can’t wait to dive in and read!

Happy reading everyone!


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Operation Organization: Groesbeck Homestead.

It’s begun. The frenzy, the fire, the toss and throw of things no longer needed, fitted, or out dated. I’m purging my entire life’s savings of crap that has overtaken my home. I’m done living in my things. I have everything pictured so perfectly in my head of how things will go, once they are set in place. But communication on the homefront is getting in the way of productivity…

Tomorrow we shall purge some more. Walk the plank ye olde shirts from 2 kids ago! Love live organization and cleanliness!

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For Mom’s on the go…

This is a great idea for an easy to do curl do’ that doesn’t involve any heat or curling irons! Click the pic to get to the website!!! 🙂 Happy Curling! Cheers!

Beautiful curls without using any heat!





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